Couples Active Birth Preparation Workshop


A practical, educational and supportive journey throughout pregnancy and birth.

The  Daisy Foundations Couples Active Birth Preparation Workshop for Mum and her birth partner is an all-encompassing antenatal education journey through the stages of labour, birth and the precious first moments with your new baby.

In true Daisy style, this is so much more than a typical couples active birth preparation workshop – we have combined elements of more traditional antenatal education with active birth principles, our own Daisy spin on preparing for labour and riding the waves of your labour with ease with our hugely effective breathing techniques (just have a read of the stories from Daisy Mums!). We bring together a range of techniques including movement, positions, breathing, relaxation, education, practical tips and massage, to support you through every stage of your labour.

We know that most people dislike having to play games or do unnecessary activities, go off into groups or look at films or plastic models – you want real information you can use, that will make a difference, and focus on you, your baby, your body, your birth. You can be assured that is exactly what you will find in your Daisy Birth Preparation Workshop.

What you can expect to learn at your workshop:

  • A combination of traditional antenatal education with active birth principles.
  • Understanding of the physiology of labour, what makes it start and what can cause it to slow down.
  • How you can work with your body and baby to ease through the stages of labour, adapting to labour as it progresses.
  • A simple breathing technique for each stage of your labour that will make all the difference.
  • Techniques for your birth partner to use to support you during labour.
  • An easy to understand look at medical induction and interventions, should that be a chosen or necessary path.
  • Make friends with local couples, supported by our online community.


Daisy Essentials

Your workshop will be 3-4 hours in length during which you will cover from early signs of labour through to having a baby in your arms and those 1st precious moments.

Depending on your area your workshop will be priced RRP £95 (£75-120).

The workshop is suitable for all birth choices, ailments or conditions, and best from 30 weeks onwards.

Workshops are as suitable for baby number 1 as it they are for subsequent babies.

Daisy Birthing is a FEDANT approved antenatal movement education program reassuring you of our safety and professionalism.

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