Therapies and classes for Fertility, Pregnancy and Babies in Holywood and Belfast.

We provide weekly yoga and reflexology for women, pregnancy, postnatal and babies.  Our aim is to bring a little moment of calmness each week to women of all ages and at different stages in their lives.   So if you are pregnant, recently had a baby or just looking for a regular yoga class to attend we have a wide range of classes each week.

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Sperm and Egg

Fertility Reflexology

A therapy to help reduce anxiety or fear associated with fertility issues for both natural and assisted conceptions.

Pregnant mum wearing white vest and grey leggings sitting on bed with white bedding, holding her pregnant tummy

Antenatal Reflexology

A deeply relaxing, natural and safe therapy to enjoy when pregnant. Helping your body and mind to get ready for birth through deep relaxation.

Blissfully Calm offers Reflexology for Menopause - image of bare feet laying on top of rolled towel with 2 hands holding feet

Reflexology for Menopause

Reflexology works by regulating the hormones and glandular functions of the body. It can help to ease and balance both the physical and emotional systems

Pregnant lady sitting cross legged in white vest top abd grey leggings doing yoga

Pregnancy Yoga

Antenatal yoga helps you to keep active and relaxed through pregnancy. Increasing strength, flexibility and endurance needed for childbirth.

Pregnant lady in gym wear sitting crossed legged on yoga mat holding her pregnant belly

Yoga & Birth Preparation

Antenatal classes for expectant mums to help you enjoy pregnancy, stay mobile, learn about your changing baby and body and prepare for a confident birth.

Pregnant lady sitting on bed making notes on a note pad with baby accessories next to her

Active Birth Workshop

Active Birth Preparation Workshop for Mum and her birth partner. This will take you on a journey of breathing techniques, relaxation tools and antenatal education. Looking at the stages of labour, birth and the precious first moments with your new baby.

Blissfully Calm offers Baby Massage - baby lying on a white towel with ladies hands wearing blue nail varnish cradling its head

Baby Massage

Baby Massage is the perfect ‘first’ class for a new mum and baby to try baby. Learning gentle massage techniques to sooth and relax your baby. Baby massage is beneficial for helping with constipation, wind, reflux and sleep issues that you may be experiencing in the early weeks.

Blissfully Calm offers Baby Yoga - Mum lying on her back holding baby on knees

Baby Yoga

Mum and Baby Yoga is the perfect class to enjoy from 16 weeks old. Enjoying baby yoga stretches, songs and rhymes together will help with your baby’s brain development and fine motor skills. It promotes relaxation and is a great way to meet new mums to postnatal They combine education, baby yoga, support and you get to meet other mums at the same stage as you.

Blissfully Calm offers Older Baby Yoga - Mum standing with her hands and feet on floor and giving her baby a kiss

Young Toddler Yoga

Now your baby over 10 months old, roaming free, exploring and generally doesn’t want to stay still, this is the natural progression. Young Toddler Yoga allows your baby the freedom to explore and enjoy songs, rhymes and learning new actions to firm favourites from Baby Yoga classes.

How Can We Help You?


Supporting your journey through Reflexology and Yoga therapies


Supporting your journey through pregnancy, fertility, and menopause through Reflexology

Antenatal Yoga

Supporting your Antenatal journey through Hypnobirthing, Pregnancy Yoga and Birth Preparation techniques

Postnatal Yoga

Supporting your postnatal journey through early motherhood through Baby Massage and Baby Yoga

Women's Health

Supporting your journey through the different stages of womanhood through Holistic Therapies

What our customers are saying

Such a wonderful, engaging and loving experience for both mummy and baby! Really enjoyed not only getting to spend quality time helping baby develop, but also see him interact with other babies.

Great way to meet other mums and exchange stories and tips and Sharon provided a safe environment for us all to relax and enjoy the time together. We still sing and dance using Sharon’s techniques daily

Orla Cahill

I absolutely love all of Sharon’s classes that I’ve been to. I started going to daisy pregnancy yoga a few years ago. I was able to meet a lovely group of ladies that I’m still in touch with and went to daisy tinies and wrigglers after that.

For my 2020 pregnancy, I was gutted not to be able to go to yoga and missed Sharon’s sunny disposition.

I was delighted when baby groups started and daisy wrigglers was the first group I signed up for. The babies love it so much and it’s nice to have a bun and a chat with everyone at the end. Lovely setting in Seahill and all round fab class. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

Suzanne Open

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