I Want Help Throughout My Pregnancy

Pregnancy Reflexology

This is a deeply relaxing treatment for an expecting mother, it is a safe technique with gentle movements designed to balance and harmonise mind, body and spirit for the whole of pregnancy and after delivery.

Offering a natural and safe way of helping you to cope with the rapid changes your body goes through during pregnancy.

Reflexology can help with:
• Nausea, morning sickness & Hyperemesis Gravidarum
• Pelvic girdle pain
• Digestive problems – constipation, heartburn, etc
• High blood pressure
• Oedema – water retention, swollen hands & feet
• Backache & sciatica
• Insomnia & sleep problems
• Headaches

Studies have shown that starting Reflexology by 32 weeks can reduce the need for induction by 70% as well as reduce labour time down to just 4 hours.

Benefits for Labour
• Priming the body for labour
• Backache
• Pain relief
• Accelerating contractions
• Exhaustion

If you are approaching due date or have gone over then the ‘Priming for labour’ Reflexology treatment is a perfect way to allow your body to get ready for labour.

This relaxing reflexology session aims to relax mum-2-be in the later stages of pregnancy to help prepare body and mind for birth. Following a tailored reflexology sequence for late stage pregnancy, this treatment is not designed to ‘induce labour’ but to help body & mind relax which aids the release of natural hormones to work in the most efficient way for birthing to start. By reducing the amount of adrenaline in the body and increasing oxytocin levels in a pregnant mama’s body, it can help nature take its course.

Pregnancy Yoga

Antenatal yoga is suitable for mums-to-be from 12 weeks and you can safely practice until your babe arrives. This style of pregnancy yoga is a lovely gentle, supportive and nourishing practice which will help you enjoy your pregnancy and also alleviate the common ailments sometimes experienced by expectant mums, such as back pain and pelvic girdle pain, aching joints, tiredness, fatigue and breathlessness.

In our antenatal yoga sessions, you will learn a combination of yoga positions and movements to create comfort and space for you and your baby. You will learn breathing techniques to help you through your pregnancy and you will experience some lovely deep relaxation techniques, helping you stay calm and relieve the anxieties associated with pregnancy and childbirth.

This pregnancy yoga class is most suited to early pregnancy between 12- 25 weeks (Daisy Birthing is recommended after this stage).

All poses are clearly demonstrated and designed to help you feel your best as your baby grows.

Breath awareness is an important element of each class and we focus on variations of the breath and traditional pranayama to calm the busy mind. This equips mothers with a powerful tool to stay grounded and focused.

Each pregnancy yoga class in Belfast ends with a deep relaxation and a quiet moment to feel at peace with your growing baby, a cocoon of love and calm in our busy lives. The vibe in the pregnancy yoga classes is upbeat, nurturing and friendly, with candles burning, music playing and lots of warmth and good humour.


We offer the wonderful Daisy Foundation’s Daisy Birthing 6 week course to help prepare your body and mind for birth.

Based on 5 elements of birth preparation, each week you will learn:


Our pregnancy yoga-based movements and sequences are tailored to help prevent and ease pregnancy symptoms, bring awareness to your changing posture and create space for your growing baby. 


Our antenatal education and active birth techniques are delivered in a truly effective way – linking your education to your breath, your body and your movement – exactly where you will need it on your baby’s birthing day.


By learning to effectively breathe during pregnancy you can help supply your body and baby with oxygen, ease pregnancy symptoms, allow your muscles to work efficiently, keep you calm and relaxed – and help create space for baby too.


Daisy Birthing classes are delivered in such a way that you are guided into a deep state of relaxation as you move.


Your Daisy community offers a new network, new friends to be made, both from in class and your own private online community.


A practical, educational and supportive journey throughout pregnancy and birth.

The  Daisy Foundations Couples Active Birth Preparation Workshop for Mum and her birth partner is an all-encompassing antenatal education journey through the stages of labour, birth and the precious first moments with your new baby.