Yoga Classes teach the art of Yoga which is both a physical and mental practice that can be embraced at any age and shape.  By incorporating yoga into your lifestyle, it will bring you relief from the fast-paced world we live in and lead you to a stronger body and quiet mind. 

At Blissfully Calm, we offer a range of different types of yoga depending on your experience:

Beginners Yoga

This class is a great introduction to yoga, taking you through classic Hatha yoga postures, sun salutations and breathing techniques.

Hatha Yoga Flow

This style of yoga class integrates all aspects of a traditional Hatha yoga class – breath awareness, postures as well as sun salutations and some creative flowing sequences. Both dynamic and relaxing, you’ll leave feeling refreshed, lighter and brighter after creating space in your body and mind.  Energise your body and calm your mind.

Open to All Levels and an ideal step up from a beginners classes, this class will challenge and invigorate your body and mind.  Deepen your practice of yoga with a rewarding and meaningful hour on your mat.

Yoga for Seniors

Combining gentle stretches either on the mat or using a chair, this class aims to gently stretch and relax using traditional yoga postures and breath awareness. Finishing with a guided visualisation.