Class Timetable

Important information:  Face to Face classes for Baby massage & baby yoga, pregnancy yoga and Daisy Birthing 2021 will be on sale soon. Register your interest by clicking here.

Face to Face Pregnancy Classes

Tuesday – 7:00 pm

Thursday in Holywood 8:15 pm

Pregnancy Yoga

Perfect from 14 weeks +

Pregnancy yoga can help energy levels, reduce anxiety, ease common pregnancy ailments such as back pain, insomnia & heart burn.   You will enjoy specially adapted yoga postures to get your energy flowing.

Daisy Birthing

Perfect for at any stage of pregnancy but even more beneficial around 28 weeks +
Enjoy a beautiful blend of Pregnancy Yoga,  Breathing Techniques, Relaxation & Birth Preparation/ positions for labour.  Daisy Birthing is not just a pregnancy yoga class, it allows you the space to explore birth choices, gives you the tool kit to be in control of your birth through a series of breathing techniques & self hypnosis.

Face to Face Classes for Mums & Babies

Tuesday in North Belfast 11.45am

Thursday in Holywood 11.45am

Tuesday in North Belfast 10am

Thursday in Holywood 10am & 2pm

Daisy Tinies Baby Massage & Movement

Suitable for babies 4/6 weeks – 20 weeks.

Baby Yoga – Daisy Wrigglers Baby Yoga & Sensory Exploration

Suitable for babies 20 weeks to 10/11 months.

Face to Face Women’s Yoga

Thursday – 6.30 pm

Monday Online – 8:30pm

Yoga for Women

This flowing Hatha yoga class helps to build strength to body and mind through a beautiful sequence of yoga postures which will have you feeling blissfully calm by the end of the class.
To sign up for this class, please send an email by clicking on button and when your space is confirmed, you will receive the zoom meeting ID & password.

Daisy Mama – Coming Soon

(Postnatal yoga, mindfulness and relaxation class)
A weekly class for mums to help you relax, recharge, heal and calm both your body and mind, supporting you as you navigate this new phase of your life.
‘When it comes to adapting to motherhood, it can truly feel as though there is no time left for ourselves, no time to adjust, top up our own reserves or care for our own emotions. Daisy Mama helps mums enjoy a time to re-charge. This essential step of your continuous perinatal support takes the best elements of postnatal yoga, mindfulness and relaxation and wraps all of these together in a powerful 5 element model that allows you the confidence that comes from realising you can be you.’
*Coming very soon, please fill in form below to register your interest*

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