Do you have a baby between 11 months – 18 months?

Now that your baby is nearly a year old, they may be actively crawling or toddling around,  Blissfully Calm Older Baby Yoga is the perfect next step from Baby Yoga, as it allows your baby the freedom to explore and enjoy songs, rhymes and learning new actions to firm favourites from Baby Yoga.  This stage of your baby’s development is an interesting one to watch, they start to develop independence, interact with peers and they really love learning new yoga moves.

What makes Blissfully Calm Older Baby Yoga so different?

When it comes to the shift in pace when baby is firmly on the move it can feel like you are constantly on the go!

Blissfully Calm offers Older Baby Yoga - Mum standing with her hands and feet on floor and giving her baby a kiss

Blissfully Calm Older Baby Yoga helps mum and baby (or baby’s other carer) enjoy a fun, explorative and relaxed time together at this exciting stage of their development. This stage of fun, laughter and movement with baby on your continuous perinatal support journey takes the best elements of toddler yoga, baby sensory experiences and mum & baby classes and wraps all of these together in a powerful 5 element model that allows you the confidence that comes from realising you can embrace the chaos!

Mums and Babies in Daisy Class

Baby Massage and Baby Yoga

We believe in positive touch and movement through massage and yoga being a natural activity between mum and baby rather than a formal routine to be completed. These methods of verbal and non-verbal communication help mum to understand baby’s behaviours, cries and language so that baby feels loved, valued and respected. Positive touch and movement between mum and baby helps nurture positive attachment, bonding, closeness and confidence to respond to your baby’s cues and needs.

By combining baby massage AND yoga babies enjoy greater benefit from some of the more practical techniques such as relief from colic, wind, constipation and teething discomfort to the longer term benefits such as secure attachment, reducing emotional distress, improved coordination, physical development, body awareness and brain development.

Sensory Play

Babies may be limited by their mobility and dexterity, but not their ability to interact with the world. Babies can enjoy the feeling and properties of different materials, take in the movement and motions of the parachutes,ribbons and scarves and track the journey of our bells, balls and bubbles.

A focal point in every class is our unique “What’s in the box?!” where babies discover our theme for the week and we begin our sensory journey. Babies enjoy plenty of opportunity for free play in our social baby time, to discover the sensory theme in their own way along with the opportunity to interact with all the other babies and of course for mums to chat too. Classes are designed to encourage the development of hand and eye coordination, fine and gross motor skills, speech, listening, visual development, play and laughter.


Rhythm, Rhyme and Story

In addition to the massage and yoga in each class you and your baby will also enjoy a multi-sensory story delivered through movement, rhythm and rhyme. 

Through our use of rhythm and rhyme alongside movement your baby will be developing the skills they will use for language, literacy, coordination, concentration and building a strong relationship between brain and body.

Infant Education & Support

Blissfully Calm Baby is unique in its methodology, offering the convenience of having multiple needs met in one multi-purpose class. Infant development education and demonstrations of techniques to calm, soothe, stimulate or respond to your baby are delivered effortlessly alongside the stretch, movement and relaxation for both of you.  All parenting choices and styles are discussed, with all being supported for a completely inclusive class. 

Meet New Mums

The transition to motherhood is a life changing experience that for some can prove challenging as you adopt to a new way of life. For many, classes are an opportunity to get out, meet other new mums, learn and share experiences and to ask questions. This element is fully supported by your  teacher who has been through an extensive postnatal education training program. What makes us unique is that we give this element of our classes’ real focus as we nurture the relationships and connections between each group via in class discussions, social time and our own social media community groups. From experience we know that our Baby classes become a unique community of new friends, sharing with each other their own experiences, highs and lows, feelings and uncertainties. When we asked past mums to sum up Daisy Baby, in their words it is: ‘relaxing’, ‘inclusive’, ‘supportive’ and ‘friendly’ . As our classes are focused on postnatal movement for mum and emotional support after birth, these classes are solely for mum and baby to attend, but as baby progresses to our older classes Dads, Grandparents and other carers are welcome to come along and enjoy spending time with baby too