Sharon’s classes are all fab!
Pregnancy Yoga before baby arrived really helped prepare me for labour.
Daisy Tinies (baby massage) was a lovely calm class for connecting with my precious wee bundle, and the cup of tea and a chat with other mums after was so welcome.
The more lively Wrigglers class is fun and a bit different every week, My little one really enjoys it and all the exercise usually encourages her have a good snooze afterwards and of course I still enjoy the tea and a chat.

Clare McKeown McKillop

One of the best mother and baby classes available. Such a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere and a lovely way to connect with your baby and learn new skills as well as chat with other mums over a cup of tea. I would highly recommend it! I only wish I had found out about it sooner!

Bee Boyle

I’ve been going to Sharon’s classes since my little girl was 12 weeks, I would thoroughly recommend. Sharon puts so much effort into each class and you come away feeling relaxed with a happy baby. My little girl adores the class and gets very excited once she sees Sharon’s studio.

Karen Black

I would highly recommend both Tinies and Wrigglers. Alice and I have got so much out of both classes. Sharon is so lovely. The classes are welcoming, fun and relaxing. Whenever I say any of the rhymes to Alice her face lights up and it’s even distracted her when she is about to roar. It’s been a very special mum and baby time for us.

Sarah McAuley

    Sharon is fab - great teacher and also great support. The breathing exercises helped me stay calm in the build up to birth! Loved the chill out time for me at the class and meeting the other future mummies who I've kept in touch with and exchanged ideas and we have supported each other since our babies arrivals. Def recommend

    Lorraine Marshall Avatar Lorraine Marshall
    26th March 2015

    positive review  We been attending daisy tinies since my son was 9 weeks old...such a brilliant class with lots of relaxing massage and plenty of little stretches plus a little chit chat with the other mums over tea and biscuits. Our instructor Sharon is so welcoming as are all the other mums...I highly recommend you come along and give it a go with your little one. Looking forward to the next session of tinies before we move up to the wrigglers class �

    Noelle Byrne Avatar Noelle Byrne
    8th May 2019

    Absolutely brilliant. I was and still am nervous about birthing my baby, but I learnt a lot from 6 weeks which makes me a little more confident and hopeful about the experience. Sharon is absolutely lovely and no question was a stupid question. She shares her experiences and the group of lovely girls in the class also shared their experiences. First time mums I would highly recommend doing the daisy birthing class. It really does help to process what is going to happen.

    Lizzie Moore Avatar Lizzie Moore
    24th October 2016

    positive review  We have been going to baby tinies and would highly recommend. My little baby girl loves the massages and interaction with the other babies. It's also a nice opportunity to speak with other new mums. Sharon is very welcoming. Looking forward to baby wrigglers.

    Corina Marshall Avatar Corina Marshall
    8th February 2019

    The daisy foundation has meant so much to me through my pregnancy and being a new mum. The birthing classes not only equipped me with knowledge, breathing techniques and positions for labour, they also took the fear of childbirth away from me completely. The couples class helped my husband understand his role and kept him really involved throughout my labour. I had such a positive birth experience as a result-I will be forever grateful to Sharon! My baby boy and I are now attending tinies classes which we love - they are fun, relaxing and great for us both - we have made so many new friends!

    Tracy McLoughlin Avatar Tracy McLoughlin
    7th October 2016

    I've been to Daisy Birthing and have since attended 2 rounds of Daisy Tinies with my daughter. Sharon is a great teacher and makes everyone feel at ease and relaxed. I would recommend Daisy Birthing to anyone who is expecting as it will help you to think about what you want from your birthing experience whatever that may look like. Daisy Tinies is a really fun class for small babies and a lovely way to meet lots of other mums and babies around the same age. We use the massage techniques at home all the time and they've been great for easing colic and wind.

    Dearbhla Holohan Avatar Dearbhla Holohan
    1st August 2018

    positive review  I have attended both tinies and wrigglers and could not recommend these enough!. Sharon is amazing at what she does and really makes everyone feel welcome. My little girl loves going to the classes and it's great to meet other mothers!

    Danni Marie Avatar Danni Marie
    13th August 2019

    positive review  I highly recommend Baby Wrigglers with Sharon, it’s a fun and relaxed class and my baby loves it. We will definitely be booking to attend more of Sharon’s classes.

    Danielle Cooley Avatar Danielle Cooley
    11th February 2019

    When I was pregnant, I went to Sharon's Daisy birthing classes which I found really relaxing and they were a great chance to focus on bump each week. They also provided me with just the right amount (if there is such a thing!) of knowledge about labour and birth, but without any unrealistic expectations of how things might turn out on the day. I would highly recommend them. Since Bella's arrival, we've enjoyed Diary tinies and wrigglers, and again would really recommend these classes - great stimulation for baby which usually results in a really good naptime afterwards, and an ease back into exercise for mum! They are all great classes. X

    Emma Cowden Avatar Emma Cowden
    3rd February 2016

    positive review  We have been attending Daisy tinies from the twins have been 6 weeks and the babies just love it. It’s such a great class, I can’t recommend it enough. Sharon is so welcoming and it’s a great to catch up with other new mums.

    Claire Louise Avatar Claire Louise
    26th November 2019

    positive review  I started Daisy Tinies with my 3month old and he loved it. I have been able to incorporate the massage techniques into his night time routine and it's a great opportunity to have a cuppa and chat with other new mums! Looking forward to Daisy Wrigglers!

    Frances McNicholl Avatar Frances McNicholl
    12th February 2019

    positive review  Fantastic first experience of reflexology. Relaxing aswell as rejuvenating, left feeling de-stressed and energised! Blissfully calm environment and superb treatment! Thanks Sharon.. I'll be back!

    Shelley Keenan Avatar Shelley Keenan
    16th October 2018

    I did 2 rounds of the Daisy pregnancy yoga classes and couldn’t recommend them enough. Sharon is so knowledgeable about all things pregnancy related and her calm voice and demeanour left me feeling relaxed and prepared for whatever labour would bring! The classes are a great way to have some ‘me’ time for yourself and meet other mummies who end up being friends.

    Claire Walker Avatar Claire Walker
    28th March 2018

    positive review  We love Sharon’s baby massage classes! Lovely atmosphere and some great tips. Looking forward to moving up to wrigglers soon. Thank you 😊

    Jennifer Gilmore Avatar Jennifer Gilmore
    26th November 2019

    I am due in just 9 days and I honestly couldn't have felt more prepared and excited for labour if it wasn't for Sharon and the daisy birthing class! Learning the different breathing techniques and positions, as well as just getting to relax and unwind for 1 night a week and meeting the other mums has been amazing! Would highly recommend for anyone expecting� xx

    Shakeera Rea Avatar Shakeera Rea
    23rd March 2018

    positive review  One of the best mother and baby classes available. Such a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere and a lovely way to connect with your baby and learn new skills as well as chat with other mums over a cup of tea. I would highly recommend it! I only wish I had found out about it sooner!

    Bee Boyle Avatar Bee Boyle
    8th May 2019

    positive review  My 6 week old son and I went to Tinies class yesterday and loved it. Sharon has the studio set up so distancing is easy. Great to have all the benefits of a real class whilst feeling safe. The class was very relaxed, good fun and I learnt a few holds and techniques to help relieve wind which has come in very handy.

    Jill Kennedy Avatar Jill Kennedy
    24th September 2020

    I was so glad I discovered these classes for my second birth; I genuinely looked forward to each class as they were so friendly and relaxing, it was a real treat. Sharon is incredibly knowledgable and makes you feel confident and as prepared as you possibly can be. Really recommend the classes if you're looking for nurturing your body and mind during pregnancy.

    Rachel Thompson Avatar Rachel Thompson
    6th April 2017

    I loved this class, it was a little island of calm in the midst of a busy week. Sharon's education and advice was invaluable and I was delighted that it was smoothly delivered alongside the yoga, rather than in place of it. The antenatal advice offered things I wouldn't have otherwise considered and left me feeling empowered about the choices I could make. I will definitely be back for another 6 weeks before the baby comes!

    Lisa Tees Avatar Lisa Tees
    4th June 2017

    I attended both Wrigglers and Yoga with my 6 month-old and the classes were excellent! Wrigglers is a laid-back class where you learn how to relax your baby with some gentle massage and Yoga is a little more exercise with plenty to keep the babies occupied! Not so easy with a 10kg baby mind you! Sharon is very welcoming as are the other mums- it’s great to have a chat afterwards. I would be back at the class only I am back at work soon unfortunately!

    Aisling Sowney Avatar Aisling Sowney
    1st August 2018

    I found the 6 weeks spent with Sharon really useful and informative. Definitely learnt lots of useful tips, especially breathing techniques that I look forward to using during my birthing. Would highly recommend.

    Julie Beckett Avatar Julie Beckett
    6th November 2016

    positive review  I attended pregnancy yoga, baby massage and baby wrigglers with Sharon and loved every class! It was such a lovely way to get to meet new mums and just unwind and chat over a cup of tea and bun! The classes were so engaging and I found them really beneficial for her development. I would highly recommend to all!

    Ruth Swales Avatar Ruth Swales
    8th May 2019

    I attended both Sharon’s prenatal class in Belmont and the baby yoga class in Seahill. I loved both of them, especially baby yoga! I met lots of other like minded mums who were keen to get out of the house, try yoga and meet new people while their babies enjoyed stories, sensory experiences, music and more. Loved every bit, especially the coffee and buns afterwards! And still in touch with the other mums one year on. Would definitely recommend Sharon’s classes to everyone.

    Dee Tyndall Avatar Dee Tyndall
    5th March 2018

    positive review  I couldn’t recommend Sharon’s classes more. I learned so much from daisy birthing and had a really positive birth experience as a result. Now baby is here the daisy tinies and wrigglers classes have been our favourite part of the week throughout maternity leave! Thank you Sharon x

    Róise Cunningham Avatar Róise Cunningham
    16th December 2019

    positive review  I couldn’t recommend Sharon’s classes more! I attended daisy birthing and had a really positive birth experience as a result. Now baby is here we’ve attended Sharon’s baby classes each week and have just loved them - they’ve really made our maternity leave. Thanks Sharon x

    Róise Cunningham Avatar Róise Cunningham
    16th December 2019

    positive review  We’ve been going to the baby massage class at True North for three terms now. Harriet loves the activities and it’s a great way to bond with your baby and learn relaxation techniques. Sharon is lovely, and it’s nice to meet other mums and get a chat at the end.

    Philippa McKeown Avatar Philippa McKeown
    1st December 2019

    Fantastic Class! Sharon is a great teacher with great advice and always there for support or advice when needed. Breathing excerise great for labour. Chill out relaxation at end is great, so good I fell asleep one week!! Great class with great teacher!

    Lorraine Monteith Campbell Avatar Lorraine Monteith Campbell
    26th March 2015

    The ante-natal classes with sharon were fantastic for helping me enjoy my 2nd pregnancy and it definitely helped me when labour started. I was able to remain calm and enjoyed an active labour and a straight-forward delivery. I took my baby to the tinies class and really enjoyed the massage and meeting the other mums and babies! I would (and already have!) recommend Daisy classes to anyone looking to make the most of their pregnancy and new baby!

    Mary Brady Avatar Mary Brady
    16th October 2016

    My little daughter and I really enjoy the baby yoga class in Mallusk. It's honestly the most enjoyable 45mins of my baby's week, would definitely recommend! Thanks to Sharon both mum and babe leave feeling relaxed and very happy 😁👍🏻👍🏻

    Fiona Conway Avatar Fiona Conway
    14th March 2018

    Sharon's classes were brilliant in helping me to relax during pregnancy and to prepare for a positive birth experience

    Andrea Kennedy Avatar Andrea Kennedy
    1st December 2015