Postnatal Massage Classes for New Babies in Holywood

New Postnatal Massage classes for Newborn babies!

Now that the rush of Christmas is over and we settle into January, now is the perfect time to start thinking about attending  postnatal massage classes with your new baby.  This in itself can feel like a massive step after being in your newborn bubble for the first few weeks.  You have been getting to know your baby, getting into the swing of motherhood (which isn’t easy) and now the thought of having to go out and about with your baby can feel daunting.

Infant Massage is the perfect ‘first’ class for a new mums and babies to try.  I deliver the wonderful Daisy Foundation classes each week at home studio in Seahill, Holywood.  Daisy Tinies Baby massage is the ‘first’ Daisy Foundation class and it is suitable from 4 weeks to 20 weeks old.  It’s a calm, safe space for you and your baby to relax and enjoy the benefits of baby massage to help with constipation, wind, reflux and sleep.  This combined with gentle postnatal yoga, is the perfect postnatal routine to you keep you and your baby happy.

Baby enjoying a postnatal massage class at Blissfully Calm in Holywood
Group of babies on a mat enjoying a postnatal yoga class at Blissfully Calm in Holywood

I haven’t been to a Postnatal Massage class before and feel nervous about attending?

If this is your first class, you might be feeling nervous about attending and wondering what actually goes on in postnatal massage classes!  First of all, the class is baby lead and very relaxed, so please don’t worry.  Baby led, means that if your baby needs to be fed, changed or needs a sleep or cuddle then go with what your baby’s needs at that time, not what we are doing in class.   The class is mix of gentle movements and infant massage to help calm and sooth your baby.  It’s about connecting with your baby through touch, taking time to learn from your baby and stepping back from our busy lives.  The class benefits both you and baby, it’s relaxing, calming and can help greatly with sleep and digestive issues.  For example newborn infant massage is beneficial for reducing constipation and gas.  Infant massage is a wonderful skill to learn and one which you can then start to use to build into a bedtime routine when you are ready.

How old does my baby need to be to attend an Infant Massage class?

If you and baby are feeling fit and well, you can attend an infant massage class from when baby is 4 weeks old.  It’s in the early weeks of motherhood that you need to support of other mums, to chat about feeding / sleep / nappies, so that you know everyone else is going through the same challenges as you.

I’m worried there may be too many people attending?

My postnatal massage classes are small and intimate with no more than 7 mums and babies in each class.  This is to allow for social distancing due to the current pandemic.  But it also this helps to create a friendly and relaxed environment for you and your baby to enjoy.   With smaller postnatal massage classes, you will be able to get to know other mums better and many lifelong friends have been made within these classes.

What do I need to bring with me to the postnatal massage class?

You and your baby will sit on a yoga mat for the duration of the class.  At this time, I ask everyone to bring their own mat, small blanket to rest baby on and a cushion.  The studio is warm and baby can enjoy watching the twinkling fairy lights on the ceiling.

How long does the class last and what format does it follow?

Postnatal massage classes are one hour long and are broken down into different sections.  We start with gentle movements and postnatal yoga for mum, then babies will enjoy infant massage (a different part of the body each week) and gently baby yoga.  Rhymes and songs are incorporated throughout the class and babies just love repetition and the sound of your voice engaging with them.  Every class will finish with a guided relaxation and social mummy time.   Mums can bring their own hot drinks in a secure cup and I provide the sweet treats.

I have twins! Is it ok join, do I have to pay extra and how do I massage both babies?

Absolutely and there is no extra charge for another baby.   I do ask that mums attend on their own and I am always on hand to help out with twins.   It obviously isn’t possible to massage both babies at the same time, so you will take it in turns and do a little bit of massage on either twin or you might find one twin may sleep through part of the class.

My baby is older that 20 weeks, do you have any other postnatal or infant classes I can attend?

Yes!  The Daisy Foundation offer continuity for new mums, the are 3 different postnatal classes to choose from that will keep you in a class until your baby is 18 months old.

‘First Class’ Daisy Tinies Baby Massage suitable for babies 4/6 weeks to 20 weeks old.  Fully details @  Daisy Tinies baby massage

Next class level:

Daisy Wrigglers Baby Yoga suitable for babies between 18-20 weeks until crawling.  Full details @ Daisy Wrigglers baby yoga

Daisy Cruisers Young Toddler Yoga suitable for babies actively crawling – 18 months old.  Full details @ Daisy Cruisers Young Toddler Yoga

About Sharon

My name is Sharon and I am your local Daisy Foundation teacher located in Seahill, Holywood. I have been working in the antenatal & postnatal sector for over 10 years as a yoga teacher, infant massage therapist and reflexologist.  This year will be my 7th year delivering the wonderful Daisy Birthing, Daisy Tinies Baby Massage and Daisy Wrigglers Baby Yoga.

In this time, I have seen lots of beautiful little babies born and confident new mothers flourish.

I work from my studio Blissfully Calm Yoga and Reflexology, which creates a calm and relaxed experience for new mothers to come and enjoy their first class together.

How can I book and how can I keep updated about future classes?

Bookings can be made online at:

Details and descriptions of classes @ The Daisy Foundation

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